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Planet Hollywood Hotel Las Vegas | An In Depth Look Inside Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Welcome to Details in Luxury and in this video we are going to give an in depth look inside The Planet Hollywood Hotel In Las Vegas.

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Italian lifestyle : Amazing place!
Robb Buglass : So much hotel choice in Vegas
Jorge Sebastian : Wowwwwwwww
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Details in Luxury : thank you so much for watching !

The Ultimate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel Stay & Review

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“Experience celebrity first hand at the "House that Fame Built" - Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort \u0026 Casino. With star-worthy accommodations and an upscale atmosphere, you never know who you might see. Dine in style at Gordon Ramsay Burger Las Vegas, the acclaimed chef’s latest Las Vegas hotspot; at Koi, where Japanese tradition meets California innovation, or at Strip House Las Vegas, the critically acclaimed NYC-based steakhouse. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, stop by Ringer, where you can feast on wings and tenders, all-beef sliders, New York-style pizza and waffle fries while watching and wagering on your favorite games. On the casino floor, Heart Bar and The Pleasure Pit ensure non-stop excitement each with their own brand of fun. You can also discover the latest trends at the Miracle Mile Shops. For those who’d rather relax indoors, the Spa by Mandara hosts a bevy of rejuvenating services in a calm, serene setting”

“Located on the Las Vegas Strip, this modern hotel and casino features a full-service spa and 9 on-site restaurants. The Miracle Mile Shops, with over 170 upscale stores, 15 restaurants and 3 live theaters, are directly connected to the hotel.

Planet Hollywood features 2 outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs that overlook the Strip. Guests can use the fitness center or browse the on-site shops. Evening entertainment from world-class performers is also available.

The luxurious guest rooms at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas are equipped with 42-inch plasma-screen TVs. Spacious bathrooms and movie memorabilia are also included in each room.

Dining options include BurGR, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's casual American restaurant as well as the Strip House, a classic American steakhouse. Koi offers Japanese cuisine while the famous Pink's Hot Dogs serves American hot dog specialties. A buffet and other casual dining options are also available.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is 8 minutes' drive away.”

Planet Hollywood Resort \u0026 Casino - Las Vegas, NV
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anthony lagano : Coolist on fire ! Another great video. The comment “ If I hear Marco Polo one more time “ was hilarious. I agree ...don’t want a bunch of kids splashing me when trying to relax at the pool. Never been in PH in all my visits ...will definitely stop in on my next trip in October. On a side note very happy to see your over 2K in subscribers ...that is awesome
merf64 : Great review :) Stayed at PH three years ago. The rooms definitely needed a makeover. Hard as rock beds, rust around everything in the bathroom. Every room back then had a cool piece of movie memorabilia. Our room had John Travolta's jacket from Get Shorty. Did your updated room have anything in it? Also next time your in Florida, you should do a multi-day trip to Hard Rock Seminole just outside Miami in Hollywood. They just did a 1.5 billion dollar expansion, and from the videos/reviews it seems on par with the top large Vegas resorts. Would love to see your take/review of it.
NM Raider Nation. : Marco!!!

Kidding, I know the feeling but...

My son and myself stumbled into the casino last trip at midnight and LOVED IT!
Great vibe, loved the music they played in the casino, slots were generous, met some great fun people, that was such a fun night!

Sucks so much was closed and glad you were able to find that small redemption, still lots of food my man, wow, one more great vlog! Thanks!!
Francision : I’ve really been enjoying all your hotel reviews. Now I have a better idea of places to stay at in Vegas.
Chris Cutlip : Marco! Polo! Man, I know exactly what you mean. I hit Vegas a lot solo and love the adults only pools. Just came across your channel, these vids are solid man. Keep up the great work!

Our vacation at Planet hollywood cancun mexico 10-31-2021

babochka11 : Thanks for the video! We just returned from a 10 day stay in this gorgeous resort as well, so it was great to recall the memories. We even remember seeing you guys there (we stayed at 14-511), and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. :)
Gracesylvain38 : Very gorgeous hotel and resort, the food , the service and entertainment are very good i recommended this hotel ❤️
Rémi Bégin : Is there a sauna at the gym?
Gracesylvain38 : Ohhhh thank you its a lot of people there at that time im glad you remembered us i hope you had a great vacation too
Gracesylvain38 : Hi there , no sauna at the gym, Only at the spa




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