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Lug Mini Ranger Review

Whoa! I can't hardly keep up with these new releases from Lug!

Here is a review of the new Mini Ranger. It's cute, you guys. Very functional. Probably a top 10 bag for me.
sassyjess0115 : Would love to see you compare the ranger to the mini ranger. I’d also love to see you do a video on how you have your VL jive packed
mumudolce : I thought it was just me…I haven’t been loving this recent batch of patterns. Wish there were more solids available.
Katherine Tyrrell : I can’t wait to get this one. I’ll get it in the whimsy copper which looks really nice :)
Norma Rosencrans : I love the mini Ranger❤️ I got two of them a black one and a print one. Great video and I agree great for when you don’t want to lug around alit if stuff.
Brad and Kristen PRESSLING : Omg agreed on the jive. I am also using the olive VL jive and I cannot move out of it!! Perfect size and shape and the VL feels so so nice!

"It's Hard" : Stacking Pennies breaks down one lug nut pit stops | NASCAR | Stacking Pennies

Corey LaJoie and Ryan 'Skip' Flores break down NASCAR Next Gen pit stop's from the Charlotte Motor Speedway Next Gen test.
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southpaw : I’m honestly gonna miss the visual and the sound of taking multiple lug nuts on and off. The sound that the gun makes is extremely satisfying.
29_North : One nut everyone knows the rule
Tim Williams : Maybe the teams could benefit from talking with some IMSA pit crews and get their takes on 1 lug wheel pit stops. I know the wheels are probably designed differently and the IMSA crews don't necessarily work as quickly as NASCAR crews but there may be some nuggets that will transfer over. Plus, like someone else here said it will be the same for every team. We go from 14 sec. stops to 16sec. until they all get it figured out. practice, practice, practice...
THReynolds2 : It's equally hard for everybody. Nobody can have an advantage.
Charles Junior : One nut? It's center locks. That's what it's called.


Remove any difficult lug nut. Easily remove any lug nut no matter what style. Easy and fast using common tools. Works on swollen, rusted, corroded, seized, stuck, stubborn, rounded, stripped, destroyed, damaged, or overtightened nuts. Sometimes when an impact gun is used lug nuts are over torqued and too tight to be removed by hand! If the outer cap on a two piece style lug nut swells, strips, or become seperated, major difficulty in removal is encountered. There are a few power tool ideas also. Nuts can be removed at home, on the side of the road, and in the shop. Save time and money from expensive and ugly aluminum wheel damage. Save your wheels and just remove the Lug nut!

0:00 Lug Nuts
0:45 Mechanical Advantage-Lug Nuts
2:30 Re-size-Lug Nuts
3:31 Drill-Lug Nuts
8:35 Twist socket removers (my favorite)

Video Tools✅
Lug Nut Remover kit:
Wheel Stud Installer:
Antivibration hammer:
Torque Wrench:
Milwaukee Impact tools:
3/4" Ratchet:
3/4"-1/2" Adaptor:
Cobalt Drill bits:
1/2" Electric drill:
Air Hammer Kit:
Lug nuts:
Lug studs:
18.5mm/19.5mm/21.5mm/22.5mm socket set:

Favorite tools ✅
Quiet Bands:
Hub shocker:
Power Probe:
Hydraulic flare kit:
Antivibration hammer:
Pry bars:
knuckle savers:
Spark plug sockets:
Hose tool:
Pewdiepie Chair:
My dogs favorite toy:

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Thanks for being here. Your time is valuable, I try keep my videos only as long as they need to be.
See you next week
Santer Auto Repair LLC : That's some good info! I use similar techniques as well as oversize sockets. 19.5mm, 21.5mm etc for the rusty swollen ones.
Paul Lopez : This is by far the best video I've seen so far on lug nut removal. Thank you so much.
kent King : This is the best of the BEST videos about brake job! I will do that on my Journey 2013 my dumb mechanic overtightened the nuts they are stuck as hell ! Thank you
Marinel Ceuca : Can you tell me what type/brand of drill bits you used for the job? I have antitheft lug nuts on my Grand Caravan and I lost the key. I managed to remove 3 of them pretty easy with the bolt-bite tool but one is stuck and won't come out. I tried to jam the bolt bite socket so hard, it cracked. I started drilling as last resort and for me it's a very slow and frustrating process. I used a very small high speed steel drill bit and that one went through very easy. However, trying to enlarge the hole with larger drill bits is a pain in the butt. I estimate I have 2 more cm left to drill but it's gonna take me a few days at the pace it's going right now.
cryptocoinscafe : This is genius. May want to spray the lugs with penetrating bolt loosener too.




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