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“1 out of 30” | Short Film | AT&T Hello Lab Mentorship Program

On the first day of Ramadan, a young architect attempts to fast for the first time while also trying to win a major contract for his firm.

“1 out of 30” is written by Malik Aziz and directed by Vishnu Vallabhaneni as part of the 2019 AT\u0026T Hello Lab Mentorship Program.

Projects + Teams:
“Postmarked” - Malakai (Director) and Angela Wong Carbone (Writer)
“Spilt Milk” - Cierra Glaudé (Director) and Mechi Parada Lakatos (Writer)
“” - Alison-Eve Hammersley (Director) and Brittany Menjivar (Writer)
“1 out of 30” - Vishnu Vallabhaneni (Director) and Malik Aziz (Writer)
“Adeline, The Great” - Jessica Mendez Siqueiros (Director) and Jasmine Johnson (Writer)

“1 out of 30” | Short Film | AT\u0026T Hello Lab Mentorship Program

Connect With Us:
Cee TV : I love it
JeffWilsonFilms : Beautiful story. I could definitely see a series with episodes like this
Nivedita Reddy : Vishnu has done fantastic job with the direction. Shows struggle between keeping up with love, religion and career and the challenges involved in such a short movie. Please make many more enlightening movies like this.
Jazzy V : Good film. I'm not that knowledgeable of Muslim religion, but why is it so crucial to pray at certain times a day even when it may affect you career? Are their no acceptions during things of importance?
Real Estate Queen Dena Odom : Malik, you killed it! I loved it! From the relationship to the difficulty of fasting and growing one's knowledge of their religion combined with the demands of ones career. The ending showed loved and peace. Priceless
MV Films : Incredible job! So glad that you all are sharing these important narratives.
Ace Hardy :
FuhhhWhyyy Comer : This was enlightening.
Again, I need more

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