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아나스타샤 공주 | Princess Anastasia Story in Korean | 동화 | 한국 동화

아나스타샤 공주 | Princess Anastasia Story in Korean | 동화 | 잘 때 듣는 동화 | 만화 애니메이션 | 4K UHD | 한국 동화 | Princess Asia | Princess Ana | Superhero Asia Story | Super Asia Story | Korean Fairy Tales

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서미녀 : 공주 멋진다♥
희락희락 : 아나스타샤짱짱~
허연실 : 이다인
최금화 : 재밌다
한관덕 : 전 이게 진짜인지 가짜인지 모르겠어요^^~
한관덕 : 너무 동화가 좋아요^^~~
김윤진 : 왠지 뮬란 같앜ㅋ
푸딩영상툰 : 우리도 아샤가은영웅있어으면...좋개다
태쁘펜희정 : 왕이아니고 여왕인대
이은진 : 안녕하세욤! 제오빠랑 싸우면 그떼 한국어 버전 보면 꿀젬

Korea University Korean Language Program & Review/ 고려대학교 한국어과정 ll Lizett Gerardo

Hey loves! It's Liz here❤️

Today's video is my personal experience \u0026 review on the Korea Uni Language Program Center. I did the short-term intensive language program! I fell in love with the program and wish I can do the regular program in the future♥ If you guy's have any questions, feel free to ask me :)

Korea University Korean Language Center's website: __________________________________________________________________ (korean) (English)

If you enjoyed the video, please let me know by giving this video a like \u0026 make sure to subscribe to my channel for future content like this ✨

S O C I A L S – Let’s be friends ♥♥

Snapchat: lizylovesyou

Business email:

❏ A B O U T M E ❏

Annyeong! Hello! Hola!

My name is Lizett \u0026 I’m 22 years old. I just graduated from college with a double-major in marketing and international business. But during my free time I like to create videos on Korean culture like Kpop, Kbeauty; my life, fitness, vlogs and other random things. I hope you enjoy my videos, subscribe loves ♥♥

XOXO- Lizett
Aly Ally : Hi, could you help me with questions?
D4 visa is required for everyone even if korea 90 days visa-free country for you ?
I didnt see any bank statement in their website. Intensive or regular program, how much dollar we need in our bank account? Did they want this document?

Is it a good university to study Korean? Some students are complaining about some universities that doing many exams. I dont want to feel as im preparing for a very important exam, just wanna learn the language by enjoying, knowing culture and travelling. Would it be a good choice? I hope you can answer
JIANNI : Can i still apply even with my situation? , I am currently in a program called running start that allows me to be a full time college student, while also gaining credits my AA High school diploma. i read that KLEC requires a Diploma(expected)? I would like to apply for the next spring quarter but i would not have my diploma yet. Since i am a college student will i still and/ or be eligible?? (i do college online aswell) Thanks a ton, pls reply!!
Ana Akma : Can we have part time job while study in korea University language centre???
Pasha Khan : Nice Video! What made you choose Korea University over the other ones?
Kpop Treats : Thanks for the video it was very informative! I plan on going next year. Hopefully I can make some friends coz ill be going alone
Sofia Lorren : I’m barely looking into this and I still don’t know much so sorry if I come off as stupid. My question is, do you need to know how to write, read, speak, and understand Korean ?? Even if a little bit?? (I think it’s level 7??) or would I be able to take their classes without knowing any Korean??
Keyleyfiles : Hi i only know basic things about korean language. Im a still eligible to apply?
Nurina Kamilia : Is it free of we have to pay by our own??
rupto rax : Hi, thanks a lot! Its super informative. I still have two questions:
1. i am 45 years old and would have to do a course because i will have a Job (in my language) in seoul, is there any age restriction in this course?
2. Is the course giving a good Basis to learn on in self-study later on?
Would be nice if you could answer shortly ❤️ thaanks
Ice Cream Buddy : I am thinking about doing this for 2020. Do you have any time to go out in the evening with friends? Is it worth the money? How long was the application process? Do you have to go on the field trips or is it optional? The elective classes are optional? How much spending money did you use for non-program stuff?

원어민급 외국어능력자가 되기 위한 공부법 (3년간의 상세과정)

- 제이 인스타그램 : jaypong.k
- 장소협찬 : 다은스튜디오 (인스타 : daeunstudio)

00:00 자기소개\u0026인트로
00:37 (1) 한국어를 배우게 된 계기
01:39 (2) K-POP 리액션
03:05 (3)-1 실전 문법공부 (한국식X)
05:31 (3)-2 아쉬운 한국수업과 K드라마예능
07:13 (3)-3 완전 실전공부법
09:42 (4) 한국어 공부를 위한 한국행
12:37 (5) 자막없이 드라마 보기
14:28 (6) 슬럼프 극복
15:25 (7) 쉐도잉은 왜?

*인스타그램에도 놀러오세요~

#외국어능력자 #외국어공부법 #독학
양킹YangKING : 아시겠지만, 외국인에게 한국어는 정말 배우기 어려운 언어 중 하나랍니다.
(모국어인 저에게도 너무 어려움 ㅠㅠ)
제이의 언어학습 히스토리를 보면, 책이나 문자에 갇혀있지 않고 정말 실용적이고 능동적으로 학습했다는게 느껴져요!
우리의 영어학습에도필요한 부분들 작 적용시켜보면 좋을 것 같습니다! 제이... 리스펙...
- 제이 인스타그램 : jaypong.k

00:00 자기소개&인트로

00:37 (1) 한국어를 배우게 된 계기
01:39 (2) K-POP 리액션
03:05 (3)-1 실전 문법공부 (한국식X)
05:31 (3)-2 아쉬운 한국수업과 K드라마예능
07:13 (3)-3 완전 실전공부법
09:42 (4) 한국어 공부를 위한 한국행
12:37 (5) 자막없이 드라마 보기
14:28 (6) 슬럼프 극복
15:25 (7) 쉐도잉은 왜?
이주원 : 제이 너무 귀여워요 . 열정 배워 갑니다.
파스텔라Pastela : 나보다 한국말을 더 잘하는거 같네. 대단타 진짜
KYO ON : 이 영상 한국어 공부하고있는 외국인 친구한테 공유 해주고싶은데, 영어자막 있으면 좋을것같아요!!!!ㅠㅅㅠ!!!!!!
sister mini : 저어~~실례하지만 뒤에 화분 어떤나무 인지 여쭤봐도 될까요?
Seohee Son : 서울에서 미국인친구들 만날수 있는 기회 없을까요 ㅠㅠ 역시..외국어공부하면서 슬럼프겪는건 누구나다 비슷한가봐요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
초록림 : 제이님 성격이 넘 좋아보여요~!!!
좋아리니 : 제이님 성격 너무 긍정적이고 밝고 좋아요~보는 내내 엄마미소가ㅋ^^양킹님과 라이브한번 콜라보 해쥬세욥~~♥
Woo Lee : 그나저나 편집 실력도 나날이 발전하는 것 같아서 양킹님 멋있네요
나우지금 : 빨리 성장할 필요 없다... 진짜 위로가 되는 말이네요. 감사합니다. :)




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